Merry (belated) Christmas!

Sorry (again) about the break in blogging lately. With winter break having arrived, not much has changed besides the fact that I now have a LOT more free time which has of course been taken over by various projects/activities/family stuff/much present hunting and gathering. But, I will be trying to post more regularly from now on–ideally every 3-4 days. 

So what have I been doing? Running-wise, it’s been wayyyy to cold (like in the “feels like -3” category) so I’ve been doing mostly indoor treadmill runs. I don’t love running on the treadmill compared to running outside in the fresh air, sunshine, and pretty flowers, but at least its still something. Another thing I don’t like about treadmills is that they involve gyms which involves being confined like a sweaty hamster with a bunch of other sweaty hamsters in a small frenzied space. And, gyms and their vast variety of complex machinery (seriously, what are the functions of some of those things???) always make me feel like I need to do more strength training while I’m there. (I’m not exactly the buffest runner person around…but maybe some day I’ll magically grow some arm muscles?)

Anywho, Christmas was the absolute I just spent time with my family, and we have the most, er, interesting traditions (matching pajamas, annual puzzle, lots of cookie making, etc…yes, I’m that girl who enjoys hangin with the fam.)


The bro & me 😀 don’t we look alike? yea not really…I used to think he was adopted for the longest time :p he’s the lucky one who inherited the tan allele lol.

I’ve also been having a blast taking a break from schoolio with friends:


I’m very grateful that this break has been so great so far. I’ve had time to read a lot (anyone else like the Gone series???) and of course, watch more Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and old episode of Gilmore Girls (my absolute fav.)

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season! 

Question of the Day: What was/is the best part of your holiday?