The Grammys!

Who else watched the Grammy’s??

I absolutely LOVE music, and while I may not love ALL of what was televised last night (Metallica….ehhh no thanks) I still really enjoyed last night’s show. Some of my favorite highlights:

Jay Z and Beyonce: “Drunk in Love” performance


(Like seriously, fav power couple next to Kate & William!)

Favorite person ever aka Taylor Swift performing “All Too Well” with some of the most epic hair flippings that only she can pull off:


And Kacey Musgraves winning Best Country Album of the Year!!


I am in love with those light up boots.

I saw Kacey live when she came to my hometown for a concert, and although I’m not the biggest country fan, SHE WAS AMAZING!!!!! (If you haven’t listened to her, look up “Merry Go Round” or “Follow Your Arrow.”)

So yeah. The Grammy’s was fun. I had a mini party with my friends, placing bets on who we think would win by using mini Dove chocolates (dark, of course) in place of money.

photo       photo 2   photo 1 (1)

We like sugar :p And yes……we still need to take down our Christmas tree!!

This post would not be complete without a note of randomness, so I leave you with a picture of my puppy Alfie and a baby hamster I found on Pinterest:

image (2)   image (3)

Alfredo needs a haircut.





2 thoughts on “The Grammys!

  1. I LOVED the Grammys this year! When Beyonce and Jay Z came out I lost it. Seriously, the Grammys were essentially a Beyonce and Jay Z concert! TaySway’s head banging was so cute. If I did that I would look insanely stupid, but as per usual, she managed to pull it off. And Kasey! She.Is.So.Cute! Her voice is seriously so fresh! I loved it! I had a little Grammy get together with my grandparents who were in town, and I had way too much Mexican food, trail mix, and chips. That’s the best part of the whole experience 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I can’t wait to keep reading yours! xx

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