Finals and papers and studying oh my!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL the past week or so…projects have piled up and taken over my life :p. 



Above, a small glimpse into my write up of my oral presentation for lit/the very thing that almost caused me to have a near panic attack. i hate talking in front of people more than anything and the IOP is 15 minutes of pure awfulness long! I think I said “um” a lot, but I got an A, so I’ll take it lol.



^One of my vices thats currently helping me survive finals: Amy’s nondairy mac and cheese. somehow they managed to make it taste just like the real stuff!! 



^The other thing that’s helping me survive…..MAH PUPPY!!!! sir alfie has been quite confused as to why i am reciting bio flashcards out loud. but the best thing about dogs….they still love you even if you’ve gone a little bit stir crazy from too much studying!! (actually, i probably haven’t studied as much as i SHOULD have….alksgerhgekrgj)

Running updates: currently, every route is extremely snowy so I’ve been returning from runs very much wetter than usual. but i absolutely love running in the snow!! it’s hard, but SO MUCH FUN!! plus, afterwards, there’s a starbucks that my running buddies and i head to after practice conveniently located down the street….:D 

Anyways, sorry this post was short and very random. i will definitely write more this weekend! wish me luck on finals….especially maths and american history…….(insert ominous sounds here)

Question of the Day: Do you like running in the snow?


One thought on “Finals and papers and studying oh my!

  1. It’s funny but the night before my oral presentation for Astronomy I actually had a conversation with some people about using “umm” and “like” a lot. So I was much more concious of it during my speech and hardly said it. Lol. Which is SO unusual for me 🙂

    Good luck on all of your final projects for the school year!

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